We look at every project as a constantly evolving product.

2311 Digital produces special solutions for the digital needs of companies.

  • Oracle - River Journey
  • We developed a custom survey application with extensive animation for Oracle using vanilla-js.
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Oracle River Journey
  • Kyocera - Sales Toolkit
  • We developed the Sales Toolkit project, which is used by sales personnel all over the world for Kyocera.
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Kyocera Sales Toolkit
  • Didiyo
  • We designed the market order application that will be go online in the Netherlands.
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  • Kinetic Skunk
  • We developed the website of Kinetic Skunk, one of the largest devops companies in South Africa.
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Kinetic Skunk
  • Babakamp
  • We designed and developed Babakamp's website.
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  • Fortezza Hotel
  • We designed and developed Fortezza Hotel's website.
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  • Polyingo
  • We designed and developed Polyingo for foreign language learning.
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  • Pesa Mimarlık
  • We designed and developed Pesa Architecture's website.
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Pesa Mimarlık
  • Vevent
  • We designed Vevent, which enables events to be found online.
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  • Şehzade Mobilya
  • We designed and developed the website of Şehzade Mobilya.
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Şehzade Mobilya
  • Muratcan Çiçek
  • We developed the personal website of Muratcan Çiçek, who was the first Turkish person with a disability to receive a scholarship from Google.
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Muratcan Çiçek
  • Teknik Analiz
  • We designed and developed the "Teknik Analiz", which includes technical information and questions on the stock market.
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Teknik Analiz

We are Global and Growing

As 2311 Digital, we develop great websites, mobile applications, management systems together with the world's biggest brands.

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Tanışalım. Laten we afspreken 会いましょう Let`s Meet.
Tanışalım. Laten we afspreken 会いましょう Let`s Meet.