Sales Toolkit

  • ROLE
  • - Front-End Development
  • - Back-End Development
  • YEAR
  • 2021
  • Proje Summary
  • We developed the Sales Toolkit project, which is Kyocera's in-house panel used by sales personnel around the world.

After logging into the system using their accounts, sales personnel can easily access content such as sales strategies and answers to possible questions, depending on information such as the sector and position of the person interviewed in sales interviews, within seconds.

In the system, there are 3 different membership types with 3 different authorizations: super-admin, content writers, sales personnel. We create users who can manage the entire system, view users, enter content, and send feedback.

Tanışalım. Laten we afspreken 会いましょう Let`s Meet.
Tanışalım. Laten we afspreken 会いましょう Let`s Meet.