River Journey

  • ROLE
  • - Front-end Development
  • - Animasyon Development
  • YEAR
  • 2021
  • Proje Özeti
  • We have developed a custom survey application with extensive animation for Oracle.

Project Challenge

Due to Oracle standards, we did not use a 3rd party application at any point in the project. We developed it entirely with vanilla-js.

Users choose a cano for themselves by answering the first question. This cano will accompany them throughout the journey.

According to the answers given, the course of the journey changes, cano proceeds on different paths.


Users get different content/information based on different answer combinations. At the end of the journey, they can customize and download the relevant files.

The cano and otter figures we used in journey

branches ahead

Tanışalım. Laten we afspreken 会いましょう Let`s Meet.
Tanışalım. Laten we afspreken 会いましょう Let`s Meet.